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What's in a brand? - Focus on Cabano

Founded in 2003 in the heart of the textile centre of Northern Germany, Cabano has not had time to build the profile of some of its long established competitors - but it has to come.

This is not a '"Me to" company that follows the fashion of others; their collections are carefully created to develop a unique, evocative persona.

The name Cabano is borrowed from the the town in Canada and has inspired the company's 'New Canadian' philosophy. It's a unique place featuring a microcosm of urban living and the great outdoors. To perform there, your Outdoor wear has to be engineered from the right fabrics, linings and interlinings and put together with the level of care and quality control that means it not only looks great but it also excels in doing the job. It's German clothing engineering and just works.

I recently bought a coat I fancied from a leading brand (who shall be nameless). The pocket lining lasted a week before it split. This was not German engineering!

When it comes down to it, what matters is that it's comfortable, how it looks and how it performs; so for me I look beyond the regular brands for the right combination of design, performance and price. Cabano is right up there.

I recommend you take a look at our collection of Cabano products. Look beyond the obvious. 

See Cabano products we stock

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