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Hiking Gear Check List

Here at The Coat Outlet we aim to provide you with the best possible clothing at unbeatable prices. Here is some advice for what to pack when going on a hike - wether you are a first timer or an experienced hiker, everyone can forget the basics! Here is a check list to make life a little easier for you….

Things to think about first:

·       Think about the weather, terrain and the length of hike. You will need to change your gear based on the environment of your hike.

·       Get advice from other hikers if its your first hike, first winter hike or if you are generally inexperienced.
        Don’t be afraid to ask other hikers whilst out and about about their gear and any top tips for you.

·       Don’t over buy. If you aren’t hiking all that often it is not necessary to spend huge amounts on a top of the range outer shell or really expensive extras.

·       Remember, the most important things are your shoes and socks. Make sure your walking boots are worn in, and make sure you have some quality socks.
        We sell some great Pringle socks which are perfect for any hiker – wether you are experienced or not!

Check List

·       Rucksack

·       Map

·       Compass

·       Plenty of water

·       Headlamp/torch just in case your day hike goes on a bit

·       Food – make sure it is compact and light. Usually cereal bars are a great option, high in fiber to keep your energy levels high and also high in sugar to give you a
        quick boost! Don’t take anything too heavy, you want to make sure your rucksack is as light as possible.

·       First aid kit (include plasters, bandages and some antibacterial whipes)

·       Sun cream – even on the coldest of days, if the sun comes out and you are at the top of a mountain, you are still at risk of burning.

·       Sunglasses

·       Whistle

·       A charged mobile phone – if you get into trouble you may need to call for help. Its even a good idea to have a back up phone. Most importantly, make sure
        everyone in your group has one just in case somebody gets lost.


·       Flexible trousers

·       Fleece – see our fleece guide to see which one is right for you

·       Sun hat

·       Long-sleeved top

·       Waterproof – see our waterproof help to find out which one you will need

·       Gloves

Depending on the environment you may need:

·       A hat

·       A Buff

·       Waterproof gloves

·       Thermal trousers


·       Worn in walking boots

·       Socks

·       Depending on the terrain you may need specific winter walking boots with additional grip


·       Money

·       50ft nylon rope

·       Keys and ID

·       Plenty of plastic bags

·       Tissues

·       Hiking poles

·       Lip balm

·       Watch

·       Camera


The most important things when you go hiking are that you stay safe, maintain a good temperature, and you feel comfortable in what you are walking in. Read our guides to the perfect waterproof and fleece to make sure that you stay warm and comfortable at the same time.


Happy hiking!
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