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Fleece Guide


Fleeces are a midlayer designed to keep you warm in cold temperatures. Generally, fleeces are worn over a baselayer and under a hardshell, however, many people do wear them as a normal coat on chilly days.

Some fleeces can be water resistant or windproof which helps them last longer and keep the warmth in and the cold out.


Fleece is usually made from polyester, knitted from a twisted yarn. The faster they are knitted the stiffer they feel. So if a fleece were knitted slowly it would be very soft. Slower knit fleeces tend to be more expensive as they take longer to produce, but a slow knit fleece comes with many benefit. They last longer, feel softer and can insulate better. 

Why buy a fleece?


·       Fleeces are usually quite cheep compared to other midlayers

·       Fleeces are naturally insulating

·       Most fleeces are soft next to skin and breathable, which means they keep moisture out but heat in

·       Fleeces are almost always machine washable, quick to dry and require no ironing!

Which fleece is right for you?


When looking at a fleece you will see a GSM rating for the fleece ‘weight’. This is the Grams per Square Meter, which is used to show the fleeces thickness. The more surface area the fleece consumes, the more material there is to keep you warm! Fleeces work by trapping a layer of warm air around the body to act as a layering system. 

The 3 categories are: 

1.         Heavy Weight fleeces- 300+ 

2.         Midweight Fleeces-200-300 GSM

  E.g Trespass 'Kazan' Airtrap Fleece - Black

3.         Lightweight Fleeces – 100-200 GSM 

E.g Trespass 'PERA' Airtrap Fleece – Rosy


Midweight fleeces are ideal for cold winter days in the UK. Whether that may be for walking, hiking or any other outdoor activity. Lightweight fleeces are great for all year round use, are small to pack away, easy to wash and very inexpensive – ours start from  £9.99! Heavyweight fleeces are only necessary in very cold conditions and can usually be found in specialist shops.