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What's in a brand? - Focus on Cabano

Founded in 2003 in the heart of the textile centre of Northern Germany, Cabano has not had time to build the profile of some of its long established competitors - but it has to come.

This is not a '"Me to" company that follows the fashion of others; their collections are carefully created to develop a unique, evocative persona.

The name Cabano is borrowed from the the town in Canada and has inspired the company's 'New Canadian' philosophy. It's a unique place featuring a microcosm of urban living and the great outdoors. To perform there, your Outdoor wear has to be engineered from the right fabrics, linings and interlinings and put together with the level of care and quality control that means it not only looks great but it also excels in doing the job. It's German clothing engineering and just works.

I recently bought a coat I fancied from a leading brand (who shall be nameless). The pocket lining lasted a week before it split. This was not German engineering!

When it comes down to it, what matters is that it's comfortable, how it looks and how it performs; so for me I look beyond the regular brands for the right combination of design, performance and price. Cabano is right up there.

I recommend you take a look at our collection of Cabano products. Look beyond the obvious. 

See Cabano products we stock

Visit the Cabano Website

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New Stock from Trespass, Regatta & Cabano

Well we're awash with new stock from Trespass, Regatta & Cabano which is both good and bad news!

For you it means we have greater choice and availability and we've had to put some more coats and accessories into the stock clearance.

For us it means we have tired arms and we are that little bit fitter!

Take a look at what's new in store and maybe even pick up a true bargain in the Coat Outlet Sale such as the Boys Trespass Fleece at £5.99 or Girls Trespass Fleece also at £5.99. We even have Men's Trespass Fleece at £8.99.

For the ladies we have Champion waterproof coats from £21.99.

Once they are gone, they are gone.

View our clothing clearance sale at Clothing Sale

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A Guide to The Layering System

The layering system is frequently written and spoken about within the walking, hiking and climbing community….but what is it?

It is quite simple! The layering system is simply a method of wearing your walking clothes in a way that protects you effectively from the weather.

If you are going on a trip that will involve multiple weather conditions and varied terrain, the layering system is perfect and means that you will be prepared no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

This guide is to help you keep comfortable and at a perfect temperature no matter what the weather brings.

Wearing multiple layers is always more effective than one thick, core layer. This is because the multiple layers trap air near your skin, keeping heat close to you.

Layering is not just for keeping you warm in those cooler climates…it can also keep you cool in warmer climates.

When exercising you may get hot and produce sweat…but what about after the heavy exercise? If the sweat cools on your skin it can decrease your body temperature which can lead to illness.

Adding a fleece layer carried or packed away en route will make sure that you are ready and prepared for all parts of your run, hike, walk or climb.

The most important thing to remember is that the layering system is not just about how many layers you have – but what the layers are made of.

The 3 basic layers are:

1) A Base layer -The base layer mops up and wicks away any moisture.
2) A Mid layer-Traps in heat to keep you warm. This can be a fleece or jumper.
3) An Outer layer- The outer is your 'shell' shield against the elements, wind, rain and snow.

1. The Base layer - The First Layer

  1. The base layer is the main body temperature regulator. It wicks away moisture and keeps you comfortable.
  2. It is key that this layer is protected from the elements – if it gets damp it can decrease your body temperature and can be responsible for causing illness.
  3. Base layers aren’t just for the outdoors, you can also use them in the gym or an indoor climbing wall, so they are worth the money!
  4. Usually, base layers are made from Merino Wool, or Synthetics.

2. The Insulating Layer - The Second Layer / Mid layer

  1. The Mid layer is worn over your base layer and keeps the heat in during your outdoor activity.
  2. The mid layer should be tight to your body allowing minimal air movement for maximum heat retention.   
  3. Fleeces are ideal – we stock some fantastically priced fleeces from £6.99 – click here to see!
  4. Hoodies and other jumpers are good for a cool down, but be careful, because cotton and other natural fibres will not protect you from moisture build up and are terrible when you start to sweat.
  5. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester fleece are ideal for the mid layer - they are great at repelling moisture and maintaining heat.
  6. Fleeces can come in different weights, so make sure you get one with the thickness and the breathability you need! Have a look at our fleece guide here.

3. The Waterproof/Weather Protection Layer/ Outer Shell - The Third Layer

  1. Your outer layer is designed to keep you comfortable by keeping you safe from wind, water and freezing temperatures.
  2. If you do not have an outer layer on, you risk your body temperature decreasing, getting soaking wet and risk getting ill (and…have your exercise completely ruined!).
  3. You need to look for a layer that's waterproof, windproof and also breathable enough for your chosen activity so you don't retain moisture inside of your jacket.
  4. To get your head around the waterproof ratings and breathability ratings have a look at out Waterproof Guide.
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Half Term Fun!

It’s half term again! Kids want to go outside and roam free! It may not be the summer holidays just yet, but there are still plenty of outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy on the half term break!

The National Trust often put on some great half term activity days with lots of projects, walks and museums to go and explore! There are National Trust parks, houses, museums and castles everywhere so there will never be an interesting place to explore too far away!

Go Ape! Is another great way to spend a day out doors with the kids. Go Ape! Is the UK’s number one forest adventure. Experience massive zip wires, Tarzan swings or even a forest Segway tour! There are plenty of options for half term, and they can cater for all children taller than 1m. It is a great way to get some exercise, fresh air and to spend quality time as a family.

There are loads of free local events on during half term that are specifically focused on keeping kids active and happy. A great example is right here in York – The Viking Festival. It is on all week with a wide range of activities for all ages and even has a finale event on Saturday!

If you want to keep it simple, one of the best ways to spend time outdoors during February half term is to go for a long cycle with children. It is a great way to see some wildlife, keep the kids active and to keep yourself active too! There are plenty of cycle routes across the UK so you will never be too far from one! Usually large forests or cycle routes have cafes or small restaurants to grab a bit to eat…so why not make a day of it!

Finally don’t forget your local museums. Although you may have visited the local museums a lot of times with your kids already, during February half term most local attractions put on extra events, some even allow the parents to go and have a coffee or go shopping whilst the children enjoy a few hours of arts and crafts, science or history!


If you are spending time outdoors this February half term, make sure you are rapped up warm! Have a look at our kids clothes to see our new stock, new brands and outstanding prices.

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Product of the Week

This weeks product of the week is our Trespass 'Karisimbi' Mens Waterproof Coat. It’s cold, wet and dark outside, but the weather shouldn’t put you off getting outside and going for a walk! This coat has great waterproof and breathability ratings. It is one of our best coats for protection against the weather. It has an adjustable hood, 3 water repellent zip pockets, one inner pocket, elasticated cuffs, draw cord hem, chin guard and full zip fastening. Absolutely jam packed full of features, you can’t go wrong!

We are selling this coat at half the price of RRP (£59.99) plus FREE DELIVERY included! It’s an unbeatable price for such a brilliant coat.

Check the coat out here:

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Best British Walks

 Discovering the beauty Britain has to offer by walking is a great way to get fresh air, stay fit and see the most beautiful sights the country has to offer.

At The Coat Outlet, we love getting outside with the family and friends for a walk, whether it’s snowing, raining or beautiful and sunny. As long as you are prepared with the right coat and walking gear, you can have a truly amazing day. To make sure you are prepared check out our Hiking Checklist, Waterproof Help and Fleece Guide.

We have put together our top 5 favorite walks across Britain. From short walks to long weekend walks, we have put together a list catering to anyone and everyone!

1. We will start with somewhere close to home for us….the Yorkshire Dales. The most stunning walk in the Yorkshire Dales is Aysgarth Falls. The walk offers beautiful scenery, a small incline to keep you fit, and plenty of places to picnic along the way! There is parking at the Aysgarth Falls National Park Centre so it is easy to get to.

The walk is 2.2 miles and takes an average of 1.5 hours. Its an easy walk so anyone can do it!

For more information please click here.

2.  The Roaches – found in the heart of the English countryside in Staffordshire and home to a wide rage of wildlife. The Roaches is never too far for most people living in England as it is situated right in the middle of the country. It offers multiple walking routes, from 1.5 miles to 5 miles, so there is something for everyone. When driving to The Roaches, no matter from which direction, you will drive through traditional English countryside and see views that you will never forget. If you are making a day of it, there are plenty of eateries and pubs near by.

For more information click here.

3. Coast to Coast – Starting in the Lake District, and spanning 190 miles, this walk is not one for the faint-hearted. This walk crosses three National Parks and will offer, undoubtedly, some of the most beautiful scenery Britain has to offer! Starting beside the Irish Sea you have a stunning walk through the mountains of the Lake District, across the Pennines and down Swaledale. Finally, the North York Moors await you and beyond them…the east coast. You can book accommodation and baggage transfers online to make it a little easier. This is a popular walk and you will no doubt make plenty of friends on the way. This is a great way for someone who doesn’t fancy a marathon, cycling the Tour de France or swimming across the channel, to achieve something amazing! It is well worth doing!

For more information please click here.

4.  City break treat – Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a frequent destination for a city break. A historic city with lots of museums, landmarks and plenty of places to eat and drink. A city with such incredible culture also offers a beautiful walk up an extinct volcano standing at 251m. Unlike most walks, when reaching to top of Arthurs Seat you will find a view of the whole of Edinburgh and on a clear day there are lots more Scottish landmarks to see.

For more information on Arthurs Seat please click here.

5.  Finally, one in the south of England. Boscastle to Port Isaac, North Cornwall. This walk is 14 miles long and passes through beautiful fishing villages. This is a great walk whilst on a family holiday. It is full of beautiful sights, coastal paths and great spots for a picnic! What more could you want?

For more information please click here.

 Happy walking !

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